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Hell Of A Night - text


Our first kiss in the livin' room
That's a hella way to end the night
A hella way to end the night
We did drugs in the bedroom
That's a hella way to end the night
A hella way to end the night
But she caught me fuckin' in the bathroom
Rubbers all over the bathroom
That's a hella way to end the night, tonight

I left my girl in the south, but this gold in my mouth...
Thought I wasn't of my head, all my niggas is dead...

It's a hell of a night for Heaven's sakes
All you see is mountain and clouds, can't hit the brakes
She hit me twice in the face, there goes the base
She like to lift her nylon skirt to show the lace
She say she love me but don't know what love is
I lost love cause my daddy said it but ain't ever done shit
Pain is love and love is hell
I might need some bail if this shit don't sell
Hand on my dick while I'm coastin' up the Fiji
Slow motionin' through emotion just in case a nigga see me
They'll come and feed you but that felt a little easy
I brought the squeegee case it get a little greasy
After a moment I fell into the miss
She reminisce a nigga style, goddamn a nigga rich
Wine and cigarettes under a light
Said she lost that angel done turned into a hell of a night


Ohh, it's a hell of a night
It's a hell of a night

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