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Drugs You Should Try It - text


I tried it, it feels right
This feels nice
I've been down and lost for days
Glad I found you on the way
When the day gets better, the night gets brighter
I always feel this way
Through the hills
I hear you callin', miles and miles away

We up all night, from dawn to dust it's always poppin'
I fell in love, fell outta love, we both had options
I played the drums, she rolled the joints
I rocked the club, we both throw up
We was the band you never heard before
You got that tat above your crack
And on your cat you be right back
Your momma never know
We was rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' stones
When I'm all alone I wish you had a clone
I take that puff, you take that puff
You know we never can overdose


Shit I tried it, it feels nice
Shit just kinda feels nice
Miles and miles away

[Outro: x2]
When you're home alone in the mood
I know you wanna move
I know you wanna dance
I know you're gettin' ready to take a flight away

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