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Honky Tonky Side of Town - text


This song is originally played in the key of E
Don't you cry don't you moan
Hang your head down all night long
That ole feeling sure ain't nothing new
It's in your walk, it's in your talk
There's only one way to shake it off,
You got to get to it before it gets to you
So Put a quarter in that jukebox, let it drop
Put another one in, play it again, don't let it stop
There's only one thing I've found
That'll turn it all around
The blues can't do no business
On a honky tonk side of town
You gotta slip, you gotta slide

There're gonna try to nail your hide

Yeah, they'll put a hurting on you, given half a chance
So get mean and get slick
You gotta pull out every trick
Cause everybody knows the blues don't like to dance

Well, you can walk that walk
And talk that talk, and boogie till you shake it off
No the blues can't do no business
The blues can't do no business
The blues can't do no business
On the honky tonk side of town

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