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Come See About Me feat. Conway Twitty - text


Somebody listen, I'm a voice in the distance cryin'
Come see about me

I am a stranger in a world filled with anger
Come see about me

I'm gettin' weary tryin' to carry this load all by myself
I'm bone tired and fallin', can't you hear me callin'
I need somebody's help

I am a young man growin' wild across this land
Come see about me

I'm fourscore and twenty and I ain't got anybody
Come see about me

I'm somebody's children alone and forsaken,
a wave that's lost at sea
I'm right here behind you,
I'm all around you, so slow down
Turn around and you will see

I'm your mother, your sister and your brother
Come see about me

I am a baby, my mother ain't no lady
Come see about me

I am your maker, the giver and the taker
Come see about me

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