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Feelin like a million bucks cuz boy I just got paid
Living the life but all these hatas try to keep me in the shade
Step back, and let the sunshine on me
Step back and let the sunshine on me step back and let the sunshine on me step back and let the sunshine on me
I might be caught doin numbas
Momma like how the hell yo young ass makin all them commas
I see them hatas over there - nigga get ya bread up
Smashin out the car like fuck nigga catch up
I'm 19 but I'm bout my ching ching
Cash Money Shit bitch - BLING BLING
Sun shine shining whole lotta diamonds
Shoutout to my jeweler came in perfect timing
I done made 50 of them thangs
Get it wet I just made 50 of them thangs
50 for a chain?
Step back and let the sunshine on me
Fu Foool and let the sunshine on me
Shit ain't how it used to be way back when we weren't paid
But now that I'm paid all of these hatas they remind me of the shade
I gotta move on, I gotta stay strong
Push em to the side put my hata blockers on
I tell em get gone, I tell em goodbye
Why you messing up my fly?
Then I said (what you say?)
You like a pair of Gucci sunshades
Step back cuz you blockin all the sunrays
My daddy said that I'm gonna do it someday (you are)
Well guess what? That day is today (heyy)
Step back, and let the sun thru
I told my momma watch wat ya son do
But I guess that was TMI
And big what up to Byron from BMI (what up nigga!)
We got the whole city rockin
All in the club so u know we Diddy boppin
(take that, take that, take that)
I'm in the booth wit no shoes on
Feelin real cool wit no jewels on
They try to block me like a jumpshot
CEO told me we got one shot
So I crossed em up and took it to the hole
Passed it to Strap
And Ali ally hooped up on them hoes

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