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i i i put on a show(hoes be throwin they panties)
i i i put on a show(while my diamonds be dancin)
i i i put on a show(got the music cut up loud with my hand out da window,betta getcha gurl cus im finna go get her)
i i i put on a show *x3*

hangin out the window with the music up loud,old white folks was like turn dat down(FOOK U!)
pull up on shawty dem and they was like wow,50 thousand dollars bottles ill buy em right now
i make big digits,i dont smoke midgets,ball on shawty dem so they be lookin shitty
diamonds dancin,hoes throwin panties in da air,tell the waitress to bring 100 bottles ova here
smoke a zone smoke a zone smoke anotha zone,monday tuesday thursday friday i be puttin on
i got some 22s but i might get some 28s,i ate just wat i wanna cus i got alot of cake


u neva seen our show,u should see our show,so deep man they chargin 120 at da door
bad bitches on da flo just dancin screamin,all black diamonds its dancin..blingin
cant wait to see wat im finna do,man we puttin on a show like its a tennis shoe....
go crazy its wat im finaa do(whoaa)
so tired..??


QUEZ: showtime,u neva gon happen like a boat flyin
dress in all white like a coke line,she say she ion eat her they both lyin
and i dun seen it happen like 4 times,they doin it on a show but dont remember no line
imma fuck yo bitch,u can fuck mine,turn ya back she'll gone in no time


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