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He think he can fight,
I-I think he a dyke,
P-put me on the mic an I'ma show that nigga right.
You say she yo wife, I say she a stripper,
You say you a thug, N-nigga you ain't no killa!
Everything huge, rims way bigger,
Why you lookin' peculiar, get out out my way nigga
You gone need a couple rulers to count my bank nigga,
An big shot out to my jeweler cause he keep me blingin my nigga
An I keep my thang lil nigga, while I get some brain my nigga,
They tried to make it make it rain, but stay in yo lane my nigga
I knew you was a lame because you tuck yo chain my nigga
I'ma keep it 100 an I'ma never change my nigga lets go
You know my team gwopped up, free all m y niggas locked up, (Tip! Boosie!)
I ain't yo babydaddy ain't my fault that you got knocked up.
Soon as I hit the radio that's when they try to pop up,
I'm speedin' down 285, ... tryna clock us.
Yeah, I'ma product of my muthafuckin enviroment!
I only fuck with bad bitches that meet my requirements,
Nine to five head doctor okay now you hired then,
Lame niggas don come around you expired pimp....

Chorus: You get it how you live roun' here, uh huh, You get it how you live roun' here, uh huh
You get it how you live roun' here, yeah them youngin you be thinkin getting it in aroun here..

Ridin' through east Atlanta, but I'm from Decatur,
and I, kick it with real niggas, don't kick it with fakers,
ask me how am I doin, nigga know that I been good,
since I was ridin' that burgundy regal down Glendwood
Bitch I'm bout cheddar, If you bout it I'm bout it,
To if you get it I get it, to if you want it get it,
You niggas stop playin' fakin, man you niggas Clay Aiken,
If not why are you hatin, off this money I'm makin?


You niggas some dirtbags, you niggas aint worth shit,
Come aroun here with all that poppin'll get you murked fast
These niggas aint worth that, Lord have mercy,
Booked up for months, I need to chill wit my rich ass!
Used to skip my first class, now I ride in first class,
I done fucked yo hoe, but I can't hang because she thristy,
Damn that bitch is dirty, I don't think she worthy,
But fuck that shit we makin' hits nigga cause we workin'!
How you livin Li? I'm livin good nigga,
Where you from Li? I'm from the hood nigga, [......................}
What's good nigga, and they don't know, so let's make it understood, Go!

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