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Ayy Ladies Ft. Tyga - text

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Travis Porter (Chorus)
Ok now ladies, yeah
If you know you bad, yeah
Don’t need no man got your
own bands put up your hands
if you a top notch bitch let
me hear you holler
Bend it over, yeah
touch your toes,
whip it out show dem hoes ya bank roll
Slang ya hair hit the broke hoes wit it
poke it out damn
Shawty you can get it
Tyga (Verse 1)
Ah, 1234 get a booty 5
I like my bitches real thick lil more thighs
Richer than your own...nigga no lie
stacks in the pussy hole, hard at the g spot
Real gentlemen … I’m hot fresh above that water
I ain’t even swim
Heard she got a nigger, well he could be a man
Then I wouldn’t shake his hand with a broke hand
I don’t fear them nigga…
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Make a bitch trip butt naked like a pole dance
Standing in the club on a … couch shit
Ride a mike ….
Travis Porter (chorus)
Tyga (verse 2)
Man I get it, man I get it, get it in for real
She ain’t with it I ain’t tripping got one at the crib
Planking on the Maybach this is how I live
Give a bitch banana dick then I make her do the split
Heard you was a trick, trick them bitches you a pimp
Man that bitch simple, you ain’t gotta sip
I’m flyer than a blimp fly how she getting hit
…no hat … burn a bitch
Nigga straight snitching, report like journalist
Hell I’m on my shit, like horses is
Grab a friend … bitch

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