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aww yeah, aww aww

She got an ass on
and she pretty in the face..some cash on
ain't nothing till I play
aww yea aww yea, aww yea aww yea
aww yea aww yea,
if you getting money put your hands in the air
..I'm standing aww yea aww yea
aww yea aww yea, aww yea aww yea
aww yea aww yea, aww yea aww yea, aww yea

High thing with the ..
I've been counting money all day all night
that is ..stand up
took it from the nigga ..we can drunk
boy show what .. what I want
...this a jean
they been .. a hundred dollar team
..that hoes in the via
shawty world about she know that we back
all hundred for the dope
all hundred for the ..bottles
if ..say you model
..for the truth color with them dollar
40 ground put it on the scale
..first street nigga out it on the ..
yeah yeah


Said the shawty got an ass on and fat
I'm tryin take her home but she rather take care
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dance while we're standing on the chair
you gotta ball put it in the air
I got some benz on em, I put some benz on em
I wonder where she do to put my hands on em
popper of a ..on em and do my dance on em
I only thought the money but why she land on em
and what a .. girl to take a ..
what a weed at and what my G's at
what a freak but the lady in the street said
now make you clap, clap clap clap funny
now make you ..
shake for me, shake shake for em
make you shake for me, shake for me, shake for me


Hey getting from my .. getting ay
get club bally bally I'ma straight
every time we had to eat you know we hit straight
she ain't with the game mama mama don't play
shawty ain't .. call it till I .. the air 'cause she really diming meeting
..from the area she .. she bad to the bone ..


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