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This Can't Be True - text

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Nightmare hatches from my consciousness
Disorder drills in my head
Bearfoot I run from the pit of a burning house
I can't believe in what I'm feeling
Bombed with disturbing thoughts
I walk down the steers stairs of fear
The night is an absolute horror
Cold darkness with no begining nor end
I believe the demons of the night
My life rolls on the edge of a dream
Is this what people call hell?
Where does this eon? Where does this eon?
Who am I?
Where am I going?
I stand naked in the middle of the night
Pittypull plaing my role of existence
My thoughts and feelings
Departed somewhere in another dimension
They sink in shapeless darkness
This can't be true
The dream that was suppose to end
Whis can't be true
Where does this end?

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