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A Dying World - text

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Agony, fear, madness
The image of modern intoxicated
Here our existence is written off
Our faith lost
And thoughts directed to murder
The altars of insanity
A world splashed with gore
It flows at our children
But yet they are creations of illness and blasphemy
Here is our dying and wormy world
The altars of insanity
The fire incinerates ancient gods
For the new forms of genocide and hypocrisy will be born
The altars of insanity...
On them we are born and we die
Our bodies decompose in illness of fatal virus
Lust for blood and flesh consumes the brain
Like undead zombies we follow
The instincts of manslaughter. rape and sadism
Savage lusts stifle our hollow hearts
And the black blood toxicates the awareness of existence
The altars of insanity bathed in blood
Here we bow to false gods
The altars of insanity strip our souls
Here we become puppets
The world died. mankind reached the apogee of disintegration
We become ashes dispressed by winds of future
The world died. insanity and death
Opened the gates without return
Nothing exists behind them!
We are the last. the race of degenerates
We rest in pain and sorrow!

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