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Sally woke up suddenly
From what she thought was just a dream
Looked around and saw it all was real
Packed her bags and ran away
Nothing here to make her stay
Free again she set out on her own

She never knew her life could be
All the things she dreamed of
If only she had realized
That there were so much more than

Living a lie, living a lie
Cause you're missing out
When you are living a lie

Flowers in the summer rain
How good it feels to smile again
Love is real when you are not afraid
Sally looked into his eyes
And saw a glimpse of paradise
Could it be what love is meant to be

She's not afraid not anymore
To seek what she desire
She dare to live the life she dreams
She wants to feel alive. Not

Suddenly you see it clear
It ain't that far but oh so near
You taste the air and feel the sun
And now you know it won't be long.

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