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Pack your bags leave nothing behind
I know you won't come back again
Cause we have failed in loving each other
The way we said that we would

Words of hate spoken in anger
We built a wall so high
That we could never climb
Now we look at each other
And we leave it like that
But I know that I'll always be sad

Bye bye baby baby goodbye
I know this time you're gonna fly so high
Bye bye baby baby goodbye
Bye bye baby

I don't regret the years we spent together
I wouldn't change them even if I could
You will always have a place in my heart
No one can take that away

They say that love can build a mountain
But love can also make it crumble to the sea
When the last words are spoken
And we come to the end
Then I know that I've lost my best friend

So hard we tried so much we cried
We did the best we could
We had it all but took a fall
Now there is nothing left

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