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I'm standing by the highway
Suitcase in my hand
My pocket full of memories
My dreams lie broken in the sand
I know my luck has run out
And all but done me in
I ain't got nothing left
But the air I'm breathing in

I've been through hell and back
And I had my share of pain
I thought I'd never make it out alive

I'm battered and I'm beaten
I'm out here all alone
I miss my woman and my little boy
How I wish that I was home
I've run from law and order
But there was nothing gained
Now only time will tell me
If I can make it home again

I'm falling down in lonely town
My life's in ruins my name a joke
I'm falling down can't stand up anymore
I'm running out I cannot shout
No one can hear no one can help
I'm running out of everything I was

I'm sitting at the station
Waiting for the train
To take me somewhere further
Away from all the pain
A little boy came asking
Mister what is wrong
But I could not tell him
What is wrong

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