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Don't Want to Say Good Night - text


Hello how are you
Did you miss me while I was gone
I think I stayed away too long
Cause it feels just like a life time
I've been everywhere around
Really lost but now I'm found
I didn't know that you would wait here

While the world was turning
Our time stood still
Now here we are again
Just waiting to begin

I don't want to say goodnight
When everything feels so right
I don't want this moment to end
I don't want to say goodnight
So don't turn out all the lights
I don't want this night to ever end

I never want to close my eyes or fade away
I love to hear the words you say
I want to stay here till forever
And there ain't nothing I won't do
Just to lie here next to you
And there ain't no better place than right here

While the world is turning
I hope our time stands still
So we can stay right right here
And never have to go

Sometimes when love is right
It's so easy
But sometimes when love is wrong
You don't know

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