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I've always been a drifter
Living day by day
I've taken chances
When they've shown up on my way
Yeah I've been a dreamer
Dreaming through the day

I've walked the path of life
Not once but more than twice
I've been to hell and
I have been to paradise
And I wanna tell you
I take it day by day

You can't take your life for granted
But you can live it all out yes you can
You know that it's only rented
So goodbye where do you wanna fly

Tell me a story where nothing is true
Paint me a picture where angels are blue
Show me the ending that's only beginning
And I will take it day by day
I will take it day by day

I've helped a child be born
I've seen somebody die
I watched the world at war
Heard the politicians lie
And I'm gonna tell you
I take it day by day

I don't have to worry
I don't ever look back
Cause I go on and on and on and on
I go on

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