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Waste Away - text


All of my life
I've been recognized
As that guy that you would say would never the the kind—
The kind of person that you'd rather not be alone with
But that's okay cause I'm just killing time until my death hits w
This is the end
This is the end

My life's been meaningless and wasted
Where the fuck went all my time?
I'm stubborn
Now I'm dreading this
Waking up
Waking up
Shit in my head
Am I causing this
I feel like I'm dead in the head from all of this stress
It seems like shit is never ending

Why does it seem like everyone is watching
Pay attention to the way that I'm talking
Waiting for my to make one false move
As if I've got something to prove

Our world is slowly dying from putrid hate
One day we'll say that things will never change
We're all just slowly dying away
There's no more telling things will be the OK

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