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Everybody, wants to push me to my limit,
trying to wake up and be me.
Everybody is starting to get on my dead nerves,
my dead nerves, my dead nerves.

Yeah, I fuckin' said it.
Everybody's out for my possession,
Entitlement is the obsession.
Everybody using me for their progression,
when will the rats learn their fucking lesson.

So I finally realize,
every day that I see a new face,
that one of those shit eating grin's are fake.
It's a new hate that I can taste.

Don't call me your friend just for the credit.
I don't need you people, yeah I fucking said it.
And there's a lot worse people to come I fucking bet it.

The higher you climb, the harder you fall.
But nobody noticed you climb at all,
climb at all, climb at all.
Credit is dead, entitlements born.
A reality that leaves me torn.
Bad dreams coming true,
anxieties deep,
trying to climb but it's getting too steep.

Everybody's out for my possession,
losing myself to my obsessions.
And everyone's worried about what I say.
It doesn't matter we're all going to die anyways.

Realize I'll be used by one of you.

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