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A Common Demon - text


We are the lesser
Instead of venting our hatred it snowballs and festers.
I wish I was dreaming, but you can always see him.
So we just laugh off the inexplicable
Thoughts that were created by our demon.

We are the blame for all this pressure
There's so much pressure.

We are the lesser
The smallest of things are the largest of stresses.
I did not choose to come here
And if I had the choice I'd finally be at rest.

Hail my head.
Full of waste.
The lords forsaken me.

Hail my head.
Full of waste.
The lords forsaken me.

We have a common demon, so rotten to the taste.
His stench brings a skull full of grief.
Give us this day, our daily dread, and forgive our existence.

So many times forsaken, so many times he's strayed.
We have a common demon and it's kept our gods away.

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