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The Cold Caress - text


Scarring white paper with a typewriter,
Stark impressions left behind.
You twist like words, a cadence of murder.
You strike the ground when the sun shines.

In the cold caress.
In the cold.

Send the ashes into the wind,
Let the cold caress begin
And as the ashes fade
We watch you go into the waves.

I saw something in the mirror move,
A face disappear into the room.
Like a film in rewind
You remain there all the time,
And once again you repeat the scene.
A destiny of card thirteen (2x)

In the cold caress.
In the cold caress.
In the cold.

Throw the bones and read the signs,
Repeat this verse and walk the line.
Underwater within the waves
The cold caress takes you away,
Pulls you in like the undertow.
Dive on in and just let go (2x)

In the cold caress (3x)

Text přidala JesseVampire

The Cold Caress

Tragic Black texty

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