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I'll Be There For You - text


If I close my eyes forever
I know you'll be always there
baby we will stay together
and this branded love we share

Even though you're not around me
babe I know you're not apart
from a distance I'm calling
and I'm sending you my heart

Baby al I gotta do now
is to pray to please hold on
I'm saving all my love for you
till you'll be coming home
I'll be there for you
to brighten up your eyes
I'll be there for you
to make you realise
When I lok into the future
baby all I see is you
I'll be there for you
That all I wanna do

Yes; we've been through
good and bad times
and we know we had it all
there were storms we had to weather
we've been down this road before

As the world just keeps on turning
as the bird that flies so high
as the fire keeps on burning
our love will never die

As I look into the future
baby all I see is you and I'll be there for you
That's all I wanna do

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