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Thanks for Asking, I'm Just Obsessed - text


I wanna wake up dead in a swimming pool.
Wouldn't that be fucking cool.
Goddamn like a wolf I cry at the moon lunatic from.
The womb to the tomb.
What doesn't kill us make us strong.
Then why the fuck I ain't yet mega-man.
Blood, sweat, shame and tears
At least I'm singing in a rocking band.
Rat brain, monkey hour, shark bait
I'm suck an asshole that poeple faint.
Looney tools, Friz the cats, King Kong
Kinky hallucinations are getting stronger.
I must be losing my fucking mind.
My skull's about to crack.
You're in love but I'm going blind.
The good times ain't coming back.
I really think I've gone insane.
Hell yeah, I've got it bad.
Can someone show me how to numb the pain.
Sanity is just a dream once had.
Don't axe me why 'cause you can't understand.
You'd know if someone pissed on you.
Life's poker hand.
Born under a bad moon of uneven numbers.
Superstition paranoia derail me from wonders.
Waking up safe seemed a little mild.
My braincells freeze it's the call of the wild.
When it take a hike I profer the green inferno.
'Cause our hearts get eaten by the long infnrno.

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