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Forever - text


Na Na Na Na Na
Yea Baby

And I always said that love was nothing more than a waste of my time. I always thought i'd be a bomb this feelings that always seem________my.
I said you never catch me in the corner of my heart. Gazing at a picture of you. But now that all dont mean nothing cause everytime i think about, thinking girl, im thinking on you!

And forever for the rest of my life. U know girl ill be right by your side. I give my heart baby i give u my mind. Ill be the one that brings the joy to your life. And if u willing girl just give me the chance. And i promise i will be a good man. And forver for the rest of my life... i be right by your side.

And now the love u give to me sweeter than___on the top of mamas applepie. I know u know im in love when u staring at the spark bout the pierce in the corner of my eye eye eye. You dont have to worry but u know the things that i said before because im so in love and aint nothing gonna stop me no i bet it on the moon and the stars in the sky above.


I never thought that it could happen to me that i could fall in love. I cant believe it baby but i can see that your the only one im thinging of
It doenst matter baby i dont really care no more. As long as we're together. Baby i be right there i wont go no where. I want your loving forever.


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