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We quit the cavalry - text


We Fight For The Queen & Country & We're Back Here Again
Over The Hills To The Battlefield 10 Thousand Marching Men
We Never Say Surrender But Now We Must Admit
Shove The Rotten Regiment We're Off On A Moonlight Flit

Ho Tally Ho! The Battle Cry Oh! We're Off Down The Pub
Ho Tally Ho! A Pint & Decent Grub

Down In The Valley We Can See
The Men Marching For Victory
We'll Skip The Blood On The Battlefield
Stuff All The Bravery... Coz We Quit The Cavalry

We're Shot Injured & Wounded, They Call Us Men Of War
It's Too Noisy & Dirty & We Can't Take No More
No Bath Or Battlefield Shower & People Say We're Brave
But Now We're Gonna Do A Bunk For A Decent Wash N' Shave

Ho Tally Ho!

Shoot Don't Shoot This Is Not The Life For Me
Shoot Don't Shoot It's Not My Cup O' Tea

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Fat Bob's feet

The Toy dolls texty

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