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She Looked So Grand A One Night Stand Maybe
I Took My Chance I Said "Let's Dance Baby"
How Was He To Know, She Would Never Let Him Go
Back At My Place, In An Embrace, We Were
Stuck Together I Could Never Leave Her
If He Only Knew, He'd Fallen For A Tube O' Super Glue

She's A Leech - She's My Shadow
She Won't Let Go, Na Na Na Na
She's A Leech - She's Schizophrenic
She's Magnetic, Na Na Na Na, Stuck On Me

Life's Been Hell Since She Got Welded To Me
I Go Nowhere Unless She's There, Ooeee
Can't Escape This One, Skintight Fatal Attraction

She Sucked Me Dry

‘Twas Fortunate When My Best Mate Wooed Her
He's A Blockhead He's Been Bonded To Her
With His Bird In Bed, Now She's Stuck On Him Instead

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The Toy dolls texty

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