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Pot belly Bill - text


The Gas Supply Has Been Cut Off, The Telly's On The Blink
Billy Stinks, He Drinks & Spews Up In The Kitchen Sink
He's Sick Of His Bleedin' Life, & He's Gonna Smack The Wife In The Jaw
Billy’s Missus Cleans And Scrubs While Billy's Down The Boozer
But She's Had A Belly Full Now Billy's Gonna Lose Her
She's In Her Dressing Gown, Billy's Breaking Down The Bedroom Door

Pot... Pot Belly Bill
A Big Fat Dirty Lout
A Pig & A Layabout
Pot... Pot Belly Bill
A Foul Gob That's Never Shut
A Fat Slob With A Beer Gut
Pot Pot Pot Belly Bill

He's Such A Hog At Tea Time, He Shovels Down His Grub
He Burps & Makes Rude Noises, Then He Nicks Off Down The Pub
Between You & Me, & Billy's Missus Will Agree, He's A Swine

It's Closing Time At The Local, & He Stumbles Out The Bar
The Drunken Lump Forgets To Switch The Lights On In His Car
But Billy Is A Darer, He Did Not See The Sierra Round The Bend
1/2 An Hour Latter Billy's Hospitalized
"Tell The Wife To Bring Some Cans In With The Grapes" He Cries
But She's Seen The Light
She Said "Serve The Fat Slob Right, I Hope He Dies"

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