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No one knew the real Emu - text


Rod Could Not Live With Or Live Without ... You
You Were Rodney's Life And His Wordt Fear
For The Day That No One Cared About ... You
Rod Died A Penniless Puppeteer

No One Knew What You Were Goin' Through
Destitute, Broke And Blue, There's Nothing That We Could Do
To Save Rod Or Emu, Eeoo, Eeoo, Eeoo

Rod Meant Nowt Unless You Came Along ... Too
He Was Up The Spout Without His Bird
Then They Said That Rod Was Dead
You Changed His Life And Never Said A Word

There's Only Rodney Only Who
Had Suffered More Than You

Melancholy Rodney, Exhausted Emu
It All Went Wrong For Rod He, Died Alone With You

For The Day That No One ...

Emu, Rod And Emu, Rod And Emu, Rod And You

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The Toy dolls texty

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