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Nellie The Elephant - text


To Bombay A Travelling Circus Came, They Brought An
Intelligent Elephant And Nellie Was Her Name
One Dark Night She Slipped Her Iron Chain
And Off She Ran To Hindustan
And Was Never Seen Again

Nellie The Elephant Pack Her Trunk
And Said Goodbye To The Circus
Off She Went With A Trumpety Trump
Trump Trump Trump
Now Nellie The Elephant Packed Her Trunk
And Trundled Off To The Jungle
Off She Went With A Trumpety Trump
Trump Trump Trump

The Head Of The Herd Was Calling Far Far Away
They Met One Night In The Silver Light
On The Road To Mandalay

Night By Night She Danced To The Circus Band
When Nellie Was Leading The Big Parade
She Looked So Proud And Grand
No More Tricks For Nellie To Perform
They Taught Her How To Take A Bow
And She Took The Crowd By Storm

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