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I caught it from Camilla - text


There She Stood In Finos, Hippo With High Heels On
They All Said That She Goes For The Slim And Skinny Ones
Like Me

I Swigged Six Jugs O'stella, And She Didn't Look That Bad
She Said, "You're My Kinda Fella", But I Wish She Never Had

We Don't Wanna Be There
We Don't Wane Be Anywhere
Near Unprotected
What Infected Me?

With Camilla
With Camilla
What The Eck' Went On?
Where's His Underpants Gone?
When He Woke With Camilla

A Dirty Dame I Dated, A Bint Beyond Belief
I Was Intoxicated, And It Cost Me 3 Weeks Grief

A Sting So Crucifyin', It Was Not My Cup O'tea
I Filled A Fortnight Cryin' Locked In The Lavatory

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Our last album?

The Toy dolls texty

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