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Arthur gladwood, dodgy mad pud
All the lads would disappear
Dick & monga, they're no longer here

Dougy bell and suggie dell & ken
All the lads out down the 29, back then
Dickie and rob, flip n’ fat bob came
Now things will never be the same, again

I can still see, kevin wilkseys face
At the 29 bar on fridays, always
Me & mosey, there till closin’ time
Back in the day the 29 was mine

A chilling wind blows so cold
And theres no hint of the old 29

Alfie noble, nick & nobby, pete & keith & mac & robbie
Baz & skinny tim & little paul
Jacky, jimmy, bobby, teddy, donny, harry, willy, bernie
Barry, garry, charlie, freddie, jerry,trevor, billy, ernie
Merry melly, jack & terry, dirty dicka , danny, neil & all

Micky, daft doug, and the lads would be
Down at the 29, happy, with me
But before long, they were all gone oh
Where did me 29 mates go? Who knows

Dicky and rob, micky and doug, flip n’ fat bob came

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