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Deccas drinkin’ dilemma - text


He, decca, told me, decca said he wont be drinkin’
We, know it aint true, decca aint foolin’ me or you

At the bar, deccas here, he’s gone too far. I need another beer
A goon, a nut, a liver shot gut
Till ya get another round in he’s gonna stay put

Oh decca no, deccas doctor said
Stay away from the pub, think of tomorrow
Oh decca no, deccas drunk instead
Don't be dumb drunken decca don't die

He, decca’s possessed, he’s george best, never sober
Me, i’ll have a swift half, he says yer havin’ a laugh, you aint with me

Half past ten, he cant stand up, pissed again, i need another sup
A sip, a drop, he’s never gonna stop
Now the doctors dreadin’ decca when deccas on the pop.

Don't be dumb drunken decca
Drunk dumb drunken decca
And oh decca no decca

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