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Chenky is a puff - text


Easy Come, Easy Go
Chenky's Bent And He Should Know
How We Feel When He Says To Us
Give Z A Kiss, Give Z A Kiss, Give Z A Kiss, Give Z A Kiss

We Don't Spread Gossip You Know
We Just Want To Warn You, So
Beware When You Walk Home This Evenin'
Harmless? Not Worth Believin' No

Chenky, Chenky, Is A Pu U U Uff
Chenky, Chenky
Chenky, Chenky, Is A Pu U Uff
Yeah Chenky Is A, Chenky Is A, Chenky Is A, Chenky Is A Puff

Chenky Said I Love You So, To You A Kiss I Must Blow
Oh, But I Said It Is Though, Sorry, I Am Not Puff
Chenky Still Persisted In Starin' At Me With A Grin
Beware ...

Chenky Tried His Best That Night, To Give Me A Love Bite
But I Dodged Him, I Got Away
Packed With Puffs, He Was Ok
If You Think He's Had Enough Look Out
Chenky Is A Puff
Beware ...

Chenky Is A Puff

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