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Bitten by a bed bug - text


Was It Something That I Spilt
On My New Continental Quilt Or What?
Could It Have Been A Bad Dream
That Crept In Bed & Made Me Scream Or What?
What Attracted Such A Beast
Why Did It Want To Make A Feast Of Me?..

Bug Bug A Bug A Bed Bug
A Bug A Bug A Bug A Bug Bigger Than A Bumble Bee
Bug Bug A Bug A Bed Bug
A Bug A Bug A Bug A Bug A Bug A Bug A Bug Bit Me!
In A Night Of Misery.

Was It Coz The Chocolate Sweets I Ate Last Night
Between The Sheets Or What?
What Could It Be That Made Me Frown
The Biscuit Crumbs On My Night Gown Or What?
A Nit In Need Of Nourishment
It Got Inside The Bed & Went For Me.

Was It Coz I Was Dirty
That It Took A Fancy To Me Or What?
I Jumped Up Sweating With Fright
Oh Will It Take Another Bite Or What?
I Felt The Fangs Rip Through My Vest
The Mattress Monster Was Digesting Me!

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