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Good Morning Britain
Nobody Can Believe What The Sun's Gonna Be
A Married Chap
Been Having It Off With Annie Now Annie's Feeling Crap
Cause Annie's Been Left In The Craaaa
She Doesn't Care
Cause Annie's Been Putting Herself About Everywhere
We All Agree... Annie Is A Scrubber Get Her Of The Tv

Russell Grant And Jimmy Grieves And Gordon Honycombe
Nick Kelly They All Agree Send Annie Back Home

Annie, Annie, Get The Dodgy Boiler Off The Tv
Annie, Annie, Now We're Not Fond Of Annie Diamond
Get Her Off, Get Her Off.... Of The Tv

We're Really Sick
Annie Was A Canny Lass And Now She's Up The Stick
We Couldn't Tell....
But Now We Can We Know That Annie's A Dirty Jezebel

Russell Grant And Jimmy Grieves

She Used To Have A Thousand Fans That Really Used To Spoil Her
Until They Found Out That Anne's A Dodgy Boiler

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Bare faced cheek

The Toy dolls texty

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