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What About - text


First time I baby when I saw your face
I knew for a fact that it was a love you case
I was strong to you like bee-seeking honey
It was all about the love, not all about the money
You were an easy rider
I was a sneaky spider
Caught you in my net, ha, just like that
Cause baby you know what, this is where it's at.

If I could tell you how much I really care for you
If I could show you how far I really go
Cause to you ...

So what about the times when I hold you tight
And what about the days, what about the nights
What about the truth, what about the lies
And what about a kiss before a goodbye
before a goodbye

Hey, you looking this good just has to be a crime
So sitting and waiting is a waste of time
Things are getting better, forget about the weather
The only real thing is you and me together
Come let us do the twist and shout
Love is what it's all about
Same old same old hunting chase
I'm coming right at you, in your face

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