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Reckless Society - text


We show no sympathy
We'll take the higher ground
No one can stand in our way
Let me hear you scream

Won't take no shit from you
Your time is over due
I'll let you bleed and make you
Begging out for more
Like never before
The time has come

We'll stand, we'll fight
Let's bring the noise tonight
Reckless Society
We're strong, for all
Together one for all
Reckless Society

Let's take it to the streets
The loud minority
To start a chain reaction
Come on hear me scream

Your heart is pounding so hard
Adrenalin rushing you far
This is the time to show the world
What we've become
Forever owning the night
The time has come

Fuck you
We'll fight until we die
Won't fall
Standing tall for all
We'll never let you be alone
Cause this will be
Your escape from reality

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