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Death on the battlefield in a violent burst of hell
Shredded corpses lay beneath where friend and foe have fell
Heed our battle cry and kill until you're dead
The leaders high above are drinking what you've bled
Listen... we're coming after you
Attacking all your enemies and destroying what you knew
Flee, there's no more time to waste
Now our soldiers take command
Unholy desecration

Now, if you want a war
I'll give ya war
Sound the charge and let the war begin
Start it up

Invert what you have in faith,
We spit upon this world
Burn the homes of the priest
We will desecrate
Forward march into the fire
We'll battle till the end
Dealing in extremities
We will dominate
Bombs drop from the planes of hell,
We came here to destroy
Total annihilation
We will desecrate
Grip of evil across the land,
They sit upon their thrones
Its time to dig your graves
We will dominate

Burning the skies with a blast of light
Desecration the allies fight
Future is bleak as the battle unfolds
Victory strikes fear
Burning the skies with a blast of light
Desecration the allies fight
A fountain of blood where the leaders drink
They live by the sword as you die

Unite, march and kill
Attack, regroup, destroy

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