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In The Depths (Of Your Mind) - text


Predators rape the workings of your mind
In your sleep are dreams that you can't recall
Lethal dose to your sanity with lies

Replacing the thoughts that lived there before
Rewiring your senses
Rewriting the thoughts that appear
In the depths...of your mind

Restless nights
Growing fears appearing in your mind
Sinking further in the dark of mental hell
Erase your total history with lies

Relearning the past that they've taught before
Reprogram your thinking
The prey on your fears that appear
In the depths...of your mind

Information tearing out
Brainwashing with fear and lies
Like a fire you can't put out
Spreading inside you
Through like a plague

Copulations in a hidden cell
Electric dose makes you rise
Perversion uninitiated
Climax as the drug takes you high

You never knew, you never will
The planted thoughts that
Weren't in there before
Mind fucking your senses
Suggesting the thoughts that appear
In the depths...of your mind

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