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See the world collapse
Witness the demise
See the world crumble
Right before your eyes
Apocalyptic nightmare
As the planet dies
Can you hear the cries

Demise! [x2]

Earth is a wasteland
Without a reason why
See the planet rumble
Hear the fuckin cries
Holocaust of humans
No one will survive
Every human dies

Demise! [x2]

We can't be saved
Screaming from our graves
Can you hear the cries
We won't survive

Nuclear destruction
No one can survive
Earth is a wasteland
You hear the worst cries
Radiation blowing right before your eyes
As we all die

Demise! [x2]

Trapped in this wasteland
The end is coming close
Thoughts swing your mind
This can't get any worse
Running for your life. Finding hope, then you die
There isn't any hope so fuck off and die!


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