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Agony Of The Damned - text


Steeped for nine days in the gloom of death
Eat the flesh of rotten dogs
Magic circle drawn around the grave
Midnight tolls

Come to me, show yourself
Oracle of the dead
From the grim gate of Hades
From the underworld you're led
We hear the baying growing louder
Hell hounds arrive in packs
Snakes swarm up from the soil
Spirits draped in black

Obscure vault with lighted torch
Chant the rites from my ancient book
Arcane knowledge only dead possess
Dread the howls

Goddess we're calling
Speak the rites
With the hell hounds by her side in the night
The dead will come back to life

By virtues of resurrection
And agonies of the damned
Answer my demands
You will obey these ceremonies
Come back to your shape
Or suffer everlasting
Rise up from your grave

Hecate we're calling you
An offering so pure
Mourning of spirits lost
Tribes of Dis

Force of chaos, cloaked in black
Arise the corpse up from the grave
Take a look, don't move your eyes
She appears

Hear the hiss growing loud
Flesh of infant skinned alive
One look at her will destroy your mind
Chant the rites

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