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What the dealio - text


feat. Timbaland

Intro by Timbaland:
I see somebody wrote me a letter today,
Somebody likes me.
I see that - that somebody likes me,
But I don't believe it.

Verse One:
Baby you're my everything,
Everything I've ever dreamed.
You're like a nigga in a magazine,
You almost make me cream.
See I can't keep control of myself,
I wanna feel myself.
It's the heat running through my veins,
I scream baby you're the best, you're the best.

Oh what the dealio, can I speak to you,
You give me butterflies, oh I'm so scared of you.
Of what you do to me, are you too true to be,
You're just a fantasy, you're not reality.
(Repeat x2)

Verse Two:
Baby you're my fantasy,
You're the only one I love.
I'll let you be my baby's dad,
Let me come and get a hug.
See here's a little kiss for you,
I'll let you do what you want to.
See look at what you do to me,
Boy I can't get enough, get enough.

Repeat Chorus

Baby you're the one, the one, the one, the one,
Baby you're the one.
Look at what you done, you done, you done, you done,
Look at what you done, look at what you done to me.
You've made my world shine just like, like the sun,
Baby you're the one, the one, the one, the one,
Baby you're the one, baby you're the one.

Repeat Chorus

Outro by Timbaland:
Somebody, somebody likes me.
(Repeat to fade)

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