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Bet she can't - text


He said, you may not be doin' it right,
But I always give him my best.
Is it the way that I twist my big hips,
That make the bad boys all flip the script.
I give my mini-skirt a high lift.
Look into his eyes then I lick my lips.

Verse One:
When I'm in my room I need the concentration,
I climb on my bed, open my legs... ejaculation.
Then I lay back to get in the perfect situation,
You know what I'm saying, never keep a girl like me waiting,
Don't keep me waiting.

Bet she can't do like I do it,
'Cause when I do I throw my back into it.
And if you doubt me then let me prove it,
'Cause I can turn you out.
(Repeat x2)

Verse Two:
When I'm on the phone I like to talk nasty,
You can call me late at night, tell me what you wanna ask me.
What am I wearing, what is the color of my draws,
Am I badder than your girl? I hit you with the yes-yes-y'all,

Repeat Chorus

I'ma give it to you boy like all night,
I'ma make sure I treat you right.
I don't wanna be rude or impolite,
But I bet your girl don't do you right.

Repeat Chorus

Bet she can't, bet she won't,
But I will, if she don't,
If she won't, I got the goods baby.
(Repeat x2)

Outro by Missy & Puffy:
Bad Boy, Missy, Total, Misdemeanor, Puff Daddy,
One time, hit me, two times, out.
I'ma give it to you boy like all night,
I'ma make sure I treat you right.

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