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Begin... pulse is rapid, arise
My evil ways disguised
Approach the hour of death
I chose death
Help in the hour of need
Unmasked, you'll find deceit
Another corpse and another deceased
Your time has come to die, to leave this world behind
Believe the lies you're fed - you won't survive
I crave to see the horror in your eyes
Rejoice my life when the rope is tight
I stock and pile the dead and move on to the next
Moments of death I post into a thread
Screaming... knowing... your death will not suffice
Display the ways that became your demise
Now sing this song of death deliver punishment
And let them know that you chose...
Sing this song of death deliver punishment
And let them know that you chose death
Choose death...
Answers you seek but try to avoid
In fear that you might enjoy
My works of pure perfection
And see your own reflection
Bodies left behind, souls set aside
They will be forgotten
But I will be remembered...
I chose death

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I Chose Death (EP)


Torture Killer texty

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