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I have lost my sun he said
Stay cool boy it's only dream
You're too young my son
Too young to even say
That you've lost your sun

But he really does
He is not joking at all
He has lost his light
And now he is so small
His world is filled me clouds
Coming from north, south, east, west
Only darkness filled his mind
And the fear – this silent guest

Clouds are coming down
Clouds are coming near
Clouds are blinding sun
Clouds are bringing fear

He was afraid of these clouds
Clouds of sorrow and happiness
But nobody trusts him
No helping hand – only fist
He started to be afraid of life
He wants run away from the clouds
So he used the knife
To make the way free

They said he was crazy
We wash our hands over this
They were empty and they hade
Already learned to miss
Their sun

And the clouds are still spreading
In the world where are living
So many boys which are loosing
Their sun

Text přidal Tortharry

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