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If we happen to meet
out on the street
and I'm walking like I'm hopping
to a tropical beat
the wind in my hair,
life without a care
a faraway smile,
like I'm not really there,
guess you got me,
you caught me.
I'm almost lookin' like I'm not me,
'cause I'm livin' my island fantasy,
and I wanna take you with me.

Somewhere, where the seagull flies,
undre sapphire skies, we can play in the white sand
Somewhere, it's not surprise, it's paradise
on my tropical island

Now you're sad and you're mad
'cause you never really had
all the stuff that the magazines
say you gotta have.
And you Facebook your friends,
On your fancy phone
'cause you're reelin' from the feelin'
that you're still alone.
Well hey, throw all that stuff all away,
don't let it get in the way of your life,
the way it could be.
Come take a break with me, you'll see.

Come on, baby, come and play with me,
in the sunlit sea, it's heavenly.
Come on, baby, just you and me,
and the island breeze, it's heavenly.

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