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Ooh, baby, when you catch my eye.
Ooh, baby, I feel my temperature rise.
Ooh, baby, I just can't understand,
the back of my collar is damp,
so why's my throat so dry?

Ooh, baby, ever since we met,
ooh, baby, these feelings that I get.
Ooh, baby, make me act just like a fool,
but I gotta keep my cool,
don't wanna let you see me sweat.

Whatchoo doin', you get me all hot and bothered,
whatchoo doin', I'm bothered and I'm getting hotter.

Ooh, baby, you just take control,
ooh, baby, you just steal my soul.
Ooh, baby, I got too close and I hot caught.
How can you get me so hot,
when I know your heart's so cold?

If ya can't take the heat, then ya better get out of my kitchen,
if ya can't take the heat, better not be cookin' with me.

It's hard to explain, this noise in my brain,
it's easy to see, I've got to get free.

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