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[Verse 1]
She call me jade tree
Cause I'm jaded while I'm blowing and a homie can see
I'm in a dark room I still be sunning out the air strip
Planes landing on planes landing on an air blimb
Shit falling in vain
I fuck up your shit
The come up like paradise lost
You seen them palm trees glitter in that paradise frost
I fuck up your shit
Like the old testament
Testament to your faith
That you keep me in bed
Sloppy voodoo with my eyes
They be nothing too special
But my brain fuse a pupil
To the thought of the devil
SOS if you think SOS translate to you scared
But SOS stand for SUS on SUS
Suspended in air
Ima cut you in your flight you a razor through clouds
A white light angel in a heavy weight realm
I fuck up your shit
Like drake on xanny
You was sad but now you write about your thoughts on xanny
Ima steep you in the water watch a grown man squirm
It ain't my fault you crossed over
To the spirited world
We walky talk through the valley of the shadow of death
You gon shadow me every move I make you make it next

[Verse 2]
Don't let the way I be looking confuse up your Acts
I'm the Genesis, Exodus come next
Ezra Nehemiah
Homie Isaiah
Cooking rock soup
Don't let the rookie be shook
Lurk the dirt on the apostles and the good samaritans
Coming down from the pulpit with gems in the benz
Daddies call me young grim
Cause my body a ghost
I'm looking like a female
Covered in Jacob's coats
Nike socks split open
On Moses' rocks
They call me a Malachi
Messenger of the scribe
They call me Young Thug's crown
Pass heritage down
Bobby Whitney
Matthew Luke and Mark
Ima tell you while you at it
Get a lukewarm dart
We gon' shoot a weak bitch
With the weakest shot
She gon' fall from the heavens
Into witches' pot
And then we gon' say

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