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Break it, shake it, one, two!
Better hide, cause I'm coming for you!
Funny sounds, get ready, fool!
I'm pregnant you, [?]
Professional rap superstar predstavl'aet
Opa, opa, opa!
This is it!
[?] and swag, got ties on my body
Girls on the street: "Oh, ain't that a hottie?"
So I start streaming in speed of tsunami
Have you ever seen Tommy [?] in karate?
I'm [?], the batch is [?]
But by all means, I get my grind on
She my [?] dirty lady, protect you with this condom
Clock ticking, ain't no time to waste!
Haters getting [?], let me shoot in your face
Here these days, bitches want to play
But they lose their king, baby say my name
Opa, opa, opa!
Professional rap superstar predstavl'aet
This is it!
Yes, this is it!
Ruki vverh!
Euros, dollars, yeniz, album
So, I'm back, relaxed, fresh as a wannabe
Son of a God, she's with Hercules
Or a baby far beyond mercury
[?] from 20, [?] with me
I don't do this everyday, only on occasions
[?] me, but she also like asian
I been thinking about you
I been thinking about something
Gimme full

Text přidala elizabethxx

Video přidala elizabethxx

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