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Rise Up Dirty Waters - text


We roll and roll
Roll and roll
To that frozen place (to that frozen place)
That forsaken face (that forsaken face)
Won't you come home?
Won't you come home?
To your frozen lips (to your frozen lips)
To a sunken ship (to a sunken ship)
We're reborn

Well I'm drunk what have we done?
From the west here comes the song
Hear the voices from beyond
Free the harem, here they come

Oh watch them near the hill
I'll check my head
Don't forget the lies
Thieves and thugs
I'm in my drive
I'm the one who said
Shattered glass and accidents
And all the flashing lights
Gotta get up
Gotta get up
Gotta get a rise

Angel's spit don't hit them
With what god has shown to me
Got in your face, gonna kill him
With lies so I say
I may no nay no no no no
To bring about the rain
Gotta get up
Gotta get up
Get a rise

Won't you come home?
Through melting snow
Let us roll
Rolling, rolling, roll and roll
What have we done?
Won't you come home
Rest your bones

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