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Rape This Day - text


You're the only one
I've ever told
That I will rape this day
Got to walk the talk
I'm sworn to tell
And I will hate this day
Sporting the name brands
Clothes make the man
And I will rape this day
This heart won't break
It ain't pumpin' kool-aid

I've got a fighting chance
You know you promised me the last dance
I'm like a knot in time
This fat 24 is all mine
Nothing but moans and blood
From my blood comes my love
You cannot eat just one
Die from annihilation
So soon it cuts off the sheets
Until you stand behind your hammer of hair

I'm gonna rape this day
Rape this day

This is the real mouth
So wait up and fly south
And I will rape this day
I'll blow it all around
I'll eat it until my eyes turn brown

And I will pinch and tear
And pull and catch you right there
I plan on jerking straight
Until I'm pretty bruised and cat scratched
I'll rail, rake on your neck
But who will cry or complain
Compared to the pain
Are you following me?

I'm gonna rape this day

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